Out of this world WordPress hosting starting at just $9 a month!


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Powerful Hosting

WordSpaces WordPress Hosting was designed with the user in mind by power users and for future power users. We only expect the best service for our customers by providing world-class performance, rock-solid security, and expert support. 

Super Support

Our support is what wins our customers. We provide expert WordPress support and believe our customers come first.  Just like an astronaut, you may be a million miles away but we’ve got your back like we’re standing next to you.

Growth Community

WordSpaces is also a network of site experts, builders, managers, and enthusiasts. Get inspired, get answers, get connected and grow your community and learn how to grow your website to infinity and beyond!

Ready to Launch Your Universe?

Meet the Mission Control Team

Scott Winterroth


Chicago, Illinois

Joan Margau


Chicago, Illinois